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Once in a Century Pandemic….Again?!

By Clayton Richards The last few years have brought a whirlwind of change and devastating circumstances to our society. These events have recently ranged from political stalemates, both domestic and international, racial protests and violence, and even a global pandemic. This combination of events has produced a defining moment in our recent history, something thatContinue reading “Once in a Century Pandemic….Again?!”

What is it like to be a graduate student in the midst of a difficult political climate?

(Photo of protestors in front of Boston State House on Monday, July 13th, 2020. Courtesy of the Boston Herald) By Rozzmery Palenzuela We live in an unprecedented time. Our country is battling systemic racism, corruption, sexism, and xenophobia in the midst of a pandemic that has dramatically altered our understanding of what is normal. OnContinue reading “What is it like to be a graduate student in the midst of a difficult political climate?”

How do you pick a subject area or research topic to focus on?

Picking a subject area and research topic is an oftentimes monumental decision for graduate students. While some likely find it easy from the start, others might find narrowing down a huge diversity of interests into one to be quite difficult, and those who originally found it easy will likely hit some bumps in the roads.Continue reading “How do you pick a subject area or research topic to focus on?”

How does graduate education differ remotely versus in-person?

By Tamala Malerk Covid-19 forced students and educators to resort to online classroom formats. Many struggled to navigate this new academic world; however, there are currently millions of Americans who are earning college degrees online. My husband is in the Army and we frequently move. During my master’s, I lived in multiple cities in GeorgiaContinue reading “How does graduate education differ remotely versus in-person?”

What Are Some of the Biggest Do’s and Don’ts of Grad School?

Grad school is challenging, hard, and often feels unrewarding, particularly due to the large jump in expectation that happens somewhere between undergrad and grad school. There are certain things each student can do, though, to make that transition easier on themselves. For all the students looking forward to starting in the Fall, we’ve already talkedContinue reading “What Are Some of the Biggest Do’s and Don’ts of Grad School?”

Chelsi Arellano On Dealing with Racism in the University

This monument is of Francis W. Eppes, an avid slave owner from the nineteenth century, and sits behind the Criminology building at Florida State University. Despite students and Tallahassee community members advocating for the removal of this figure, the statue still remains to this day. A constant reminder to students for where the university’s loyaltiesContinue reading “Chelsi Arellano On Dealing with Racism in the University”


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