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History’s Mysteries: Historical Halloween Hits

It’s almost Halloween, so we wanted to have a little fun with this post and tell everyone about our favorite spooky stories (and add in a little bit of history too). This week we dive into tales about the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, a Serbian vampire Petar Blagojević, and the infamous Blood Countess, Elizabeth Báthory.  […]

What are the steps in applying for grad school?

With an international pandemic, plenty of schools are changing their graduate school policies or not admitting new students all together. A lot of things are up in the air right now, so we decided to at least make certain parts of the application process clearer for students who will hopefully be joining us in grad […]

Owning Pets as Graduate Students

As many of us know, graduate school is a stressful time in which the work seems to never end. It is an experience that can make you feel separated from friends and family and alone as you spend hour after hour doing assignments. Many graduate students try to combat the isolating nature of graduate school […]

How to deal with Syllabi Anxiety

We all know that the first day of a new class can be the most anxious time at the start of the semester. You come into the class not knowing what to expect from the professor, other students, or the class itself. Through all of our combined graduate courses, we have seen that professors handle […]


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