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Transitioning from Ph.D. Student to Ph.D. Candidate

By Guest Contributor: Tamala Malerk When I introduce myself to my undergraduate students or to prospective employers I say, “Hi my name is Tamala Malerk, and I am Ph.D. candidate in the Department of History at the University of South Florida. What that means is that the only thing standing between me and that fancy […]

Our Summer Plans: 2021

Summer is finally here, and with the heat comes new projects, deadlines, goals, and plans. Whether you’re finishing out your first year as graduate students, preparing for Comprehensive exams, or graduated and making your way in the real world, we all have different agendas and objectives for the summer. Though sometimes summertime can be relaxing, […]

Reflections: One Year Later

This last year has been hard for the whole world. The pandemic and the sudden rise of Zoom helped push us all to the final step of creating this blog, which we hoped would be a bright spot in academia as jobs were being rescinded and funding was up in the air. Our goal has […]

Oh No, I Graduated! Now What?

By Clayton Richards Graduating from a graduate program is something that is built up over the length of your time in a program. It’s constantly seen as both a goal and a benchmark, the thing that you spend all your time and effort working towards. However, there is something else that is always in the […]


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