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How to deal with Syllabi Anxiety

We all know that the first day of a new class can be the most anxious time at the start of the semester. You come into the class not knowing what to expect from the professor, other students, or the class itself. Through all of our combined graduate courses, we have seen that professors handle […]

How to Handle Being a Graduate Assistant

Being a Graduate Assistant, Teaching Assistant, or Research Assistant as well as a full-time graduate student can be overwhelming. While we were all excited about the opportunities that being graduate assistants offered us, we felt a lot of pressure to be good at our jobs while also being good students. In this week’s post, we […]

Talking to Your Advisor: Even When You Really Don’t Want To

by Kiri Raber In shifting from an undergraduate program to a graduate program, one of the biggest changes faced is the new dynamic between students and professors. Professors will range in how they interact with you, from those who now regard you as more of a peer than a student, to those who prefer to […]

Once in a Century Pandemic….Again?!

By Clayton Richards The last few years have brought a whirlwind of change and devastating circumstances to our society. These events have recently ranged from political stalemates, both domestic and international, racial protests and violence, and even a global pandemic. This combination of events has produced a defining moment in our recent history, something that […]


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