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Taking a Break

Dragana: With the fall semester having ended and the spring semester approaching, it can be difficult to take some time to just relax and not worry about work or school. Oftentimes we feel like we need to work, to be productive or we are doing grad school wrong. While some students outside of the humanities […]

Election Anxieties: The Elections of 1800 and 2020

By: Clayton Richards Another election cycle has come and gone in the United States. The practice of peaceful and efficient transfers of power have been a hallmark of American democracy for most of this nation’s existence, and it has allowed American democracy to survive almost 250 years. While this concept has become a steady part […]

Stop Calling it Plan-B

By Guest Contributor: Tamala Malerk Plan-B: The career-trajectory of the unlucky few who do not secure a position in academia after obtaining their Ph.D. By referring to any other job besides one in academia as “Plan-B,” implies that there is a “Plan-A” that will work for the majority. Unfortunately, the “unlucky few” from my self-created […]

How to Collect Information for your Research Projects

Around halfway through the semester, many graduate students are beginning or have already begun research for their term papers. From narrowing down a topic to finding primary and secondary sources to trying to understand those sources, below are a few strategies towards beginning a research project.  Kiri: When thinking about my final project for a […]


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