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Submission Guidelines

Handling the Humanities seeks short blog posts that speak on different academic and personal topics graduate students will face or have faced with the humanities.

If you feel that Handling the Humanities would be a place in which to express your experience, submit an article and your CV or resume to our email ( as a word document.

In posts for our website, we subscribe to the following standards:
1.  Between 500 and 800 words
2.  Posts should be in Times New Roman, 12 point font, and double spaced with one inch margins
3.  Create an argumentative piece that answers a question posed based on personal experience as a scholar

We would also recommend that authors stick to the following stylistic standards:
1.  Writing should be semi-formal, while this is not an academic blog, we are still targeting academics and those interested in being academics
2.  Subheadings and Footnotes are not recommended
3.  One feature picture if applicable to the post you are writing

Each document should also include a short biographical statement at the bottom of your proposed post, including your current affiliation and a picture of yourself. The authors at Handling the Humanities will review each submission within three weeks of submission and send an email accepting or rejecting your post. If your post is accepted, we will return your document to you with comments for further editing (if applicable). We ask that the author resubmit the edited article within three weeks. We will then notify the author within three weeks prior to posting when the article will be published.

Once an article is published by Handling the Humanities the intellectual rights will be owned by Handling the Humanities and a request will need to be submitted and approved if changes or removal is needed. Permission is required if you seek to reuse or reproduce information found on our blog.

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